Why Should I Insulate?


  • Creates a healthier home – reducing the chance of illness such as colds, flu and asthma
  • Creates a more energy efficient home that costs less to heat
  • Our insulation is made using the fibres from recycled plastic bottles, so by choosing TECHNOBOND you’re reducing landfill and helping the environment.
  • Insulating reduces heat loss through ceiling, wall and also eliminates draught from underfloor.



Why use Technobond?


  • TECHNOBOND creates a warmer, healthier home.
  • TECHNOBOND is made using the fibres from recycled plastic bottles, so it's good for the environment.
  • TECHNOBOND is non-toxic and comes with a 50 year warranty.
  • TECHNOBOND won't irritate your skin - it's soft to touch.
  • TECHNOBOND floor Insulation will reduce heat loss and stop the draught coming up from under your home.
  • TECHNOBOND ceiling Insulation will trap the heat in your home and therefore create a thermal ceiling.
  • TECHNOBOND is made here in NZ therefore helping create jobs for NZ’ers.



Will insulating my home save me money on power?


It has been proven that having a home that is insulated will save money on power as you will not have to turn on a heating appliance until later in the day –using heat generated from the sun to stay in your home longer, Over 50% of heat is lost in ceiling and floor in a home that is not insulated.



Are there any insulation subsidies available?


Technobond is part of the government’s EECA Warm Up New Zealand Healthy Homes programme and the DCC Warm Dunedin Homes programme. Contact us for information!


How much will my insulation cost?


Depending on the size of your home and how much of it needs insulating will determine the cost of insulating your home.



How long will my insulation last?


TECHNOBOND has a durability warranty of 50 years. 



What is polyester insulation?


Polyester is around in our everyday life. Polyester is the same material that you will find in most clothing, pillows and duvets. It won't irritate your skin!

Our insulation is made using fibres from recycled plastic bottles and is bonded with heat to provide the maximum thermal efficiency as possible.



How do I know if my home needs insulating?


The rule of thumb in your ceiling is… if you look in and can see the joists your insulation is probably in need of a top up! The recommended level is 120mm from the ceiling (Joists are typically 100cm) so there should be insulation over the joists. Underfloor should be done as standard insulating practice. Technobond is 100mm thick

Do you have anyone who can install for me?


Technobond use approved installers to install our product. Contact us to provide the names of qualified installers.


What is R-value?


R-value is a number rating system that tells you how thermally resistant insulation is. The higher the R-value, the greater the thermal resistance. So it is not necessarily the thickness but the density of the product that helps make up R-Value.


What products do you have available?


TECHNOBOND is available in Ceiling, and underfloor insulation. TECHNOFIT is our friction fit under floor insulation which requires no staples to hold it in place. Contact us to enquire about this product.


Can I install your products?


Yes TECHNOBOND can be self installed. That is the beauty of polyester no safety equipment is needed. (Dust mask and cutting knife recommended) Contact TECHNOBOND for installation instructions.


Where do I purchase the product if i want to install myself?


Insulation can be purchased from our manufacturing plant at 152 Kaikorai Valley Rd Dunedin. Ph: 03 4764221 or 0800 55 88 22.