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What if you could wrap your home in its very own safe, snug, and environmentally friendly duvet? And what if that "duvet" was made right here in Dunedin? Well you can do precisely that with Ellis Fibre’s fantastic domestic insulation product, Technobond. Conceived as an environmentally friendly, hassle-free and more versatile competitor to existing insulation options, Technobond makes chilly New Zealand homes a thing of the past.

Safe, non-toxic and super easy to handle, and with excellent thermal and sonic insulation properties, EECA and BRANZ-approved Technobond has been receiving plaudits from installers and householders nationwide.

Made out of semi-rigid, lofted, spun polyester fibre roll; similar material to that which keeps most of us warm in our beds, Technobond suffers from none of the handling and respiratory issues commonly experienced with other home insulation products.

And with its unique semi-rigid format providing a superior degree of structural integrity.

Technobond is ideal for using in traditionally challenging environments, such as underfloor.

Where others flop, Technobond keeps its shape, making it rapid, simple and straightforward to keep in position and staple directly to your joists.

That same structural integrity, together with polyester’s very high levels of durability, and moisture, mould and mildew resistance, also means that Technobond easily meets and exceeds NZBC’s 15 and 50-year durability benchmarks.

And with Technobond available in extra-warm R3.2 ceiling, and R1.6 underfloor versions, it’s admirably suited to the South Island’s somewhat frosty, unpredictable climatic conditions.

So if you’re lining up insulation for your new home, or thinking about applying for your EECA home insulation subsidy soon, make sure you ask for Dunedin’s finest: Technobond from Ellis Fibre.

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